Pet Rescue Whitby
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Pet Rescue Whitby
Pet Rescue Whitby

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Canadian Newf Rescue Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization, which protects those unfortunate Newfoundland dogs that end up abused, abandoned, neglected or in shelters.
A Newfoundland dog should not be acquired casually or disposed of lightly but sometimes an owner’s circumstances change and the Newfoundland is unable to remain with its original owner. It is on these occasions that Canadian Newf Rescue Inc. will come to the aid of the Newfoundland by finding a suitable, permanent home where it will be loved, cared for and respected for its unique qualities.
Newfoundland dogs make wonderful companions, but are they for you?
What you will want to consider about this breed before you go on
Our first and foremost responsibility at Canadian Newf Rescue Inc. is to our rescued Newfoundland dogs. WE ARE THEIR PROTECTORS and at any time after adoption, Canadian Newf Rescue Inc. will re-adopt the Newfoundland dog to a suitable home if we find that the Newfoundland is not being given the care it deserves.
The Canadian Newf Rescue Inc. has no affiliation and no funding from breeders or organizations representing the breed. Our funding is from the general public and from those who care.
If you feel that, the Newfoundland dog is the breed for you please contact Canadian Newf Rescue Inc. and request an adoption application form. Be prepared to be thoroughly screened. Before any adoption is ever made, a site visit is made to your home to determine if you and your home environment is suitable for a Newfoundland dog. If you are successful, you will be shown how to groom and what to feed your dog. You will be obligated to provide all yearly inoculations, which must be maintained as recommended by your Veterinarian. Copies of such vaccinations must be sent to the Canadian Newf Rescue. You will become part of our adoptive Newfoundland Rescue Family.
- We are available to answer any questions after adoption -
Pet Rescue Whitby

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